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Sustainable Milling.  Nature Renewed.


Don’t Let Nature Go to Waste

It can be stressful when a tree on your property falls or gets cut down because of a devastating storm, pest infestation, or construction project. Not only have you lost something that has thrived in your care for years, but you also have to deal with the remains.

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It is difficult when a tree on your property falls or is damaged due to storms, pests or construction. Not only have you lost something that has been in your care for years, but you must also deal with the remaining wood. At NorCal Sawyer, we provide onsite custom sawmilling services to transform the timber into usable lumber and extend the useful life cycle of the tree. 

About Our Company

NorCal Sawyer was established in Diamond Springs, California by our founder, Jason Cornell. He started his own business to solve the need for mobile sawmilling in his community. With 2 years in the industry, you can count on him to get the job done right.

Our company is a proud member of the Urban, Salvaged & Reclaimed Woods network. This coalition is dedicated to rescuing trees and finding new uses for them after their natural life has ended.

Our Founder’s Story

After retiring as a Fire Captain in Sacramento in 2015, Jason began pursuing his passion for woodworking. He has been repurposing fallen trees and recycled lumber using his portable Wood-Mizer sawmill for friends and family in the Sacramento and El Dorado counties.

In 2016, he was asked to assist the Burning Man organization with the finish milling for their "Temple" project. It was during this project that he came to realize that there’s a great need from individuals who wish to continue the beauty and usefulness of trees on their property, even after they had fallen.

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Rather than have these resources simply tossed into a landfill or chopped into firewood, Jason decided to provide mobile sawmilling service brought directly to clients at their own property.

Jason, along with his wife and family, travels throughout California to deliver mobile sawmilling services. His ultimate goal is to continue the useful life cycle of downed trees and recycled, reclaimed lumber rather than let that natural beauty be wasted.

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Mission Statement

Our custom sawmilling company aims to provide a second life for fallen and recycled wood that may otherwise be wasted or forgotten. We seek to reduce the loss of beautiful trees and reclaimed lumber by offering sustainable practices brought directly to our clients’ work site.

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